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Explosive Marketing Formula

Do you want to learn how to write better ad copy? Do you want to make more money in less time? Do you want to learn a simple formula for generating more sales, more listings and sell properties faster?

Chris will share with you time-tested, investor/realtor-approved steps to perfecting your marketing skills that will boost sales within 30 days!

  • What to say to get results with your marketing dollars!
  • Exact Headlines, Phrases, and Power Words that Work in Every Market!
  • How to Write Kick Butt Ads every time! A must have for anyone in real estate!
  • The Right Content for Websites/Landing Pages or Squeeze Pages!
  • How to have a Professional Look and Feel with Timeless Style
  • Learn Why YOU should never reduce the Sales Price!
  • Why you MUST get rid of those ugly, outdated ‘we buy houses’ signs!