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It's PERSONAL Coaching

Chris Goff’s Real Estate Coaching Program is a nationally-renowned coaching program, proven to help you achieve amazing results. Chris Goff is looking for a few select individuals to work with on a very exclusive basis. Chris only wants to work with success-driven people that are willing to take action. By working with Chris, you'll learn FASTER, work SMARTER, and profit GREATER! Chris’ teachings have helped thousands of people change their lives forever. After a 30-minute session, qualified candidates will work side-by-side with Chris. If you have a desire to make something happen in your life, then this is for you!

Key Benefits of Personal Coaching

The personal benefits of coaching are wide-ranging and can positively impact an individual’s career and dramatically increase their income.

Don't reinvent the wheel, simply copy and paste my system and take action.

Improvement in performance, targets and goals.

Increased ability to identify and create solutions to specific challenges.

Increased confidence will enable you to succeed.

Eliminate the mistakes most people make when they get started.

Speak with a human being and ask your most-pressing questions throughout your training.

It's Just That. PERSONAL!

Each mentorship is tailor-fit to meet your specific needs and goals. Chris will conduct a series of phone calls, emails and online training to evaluate your level of experience, short/long term investment goals, market conditions in your area and determine the best investment strategies to focus on. Chris will be working with you on actual deals, teaching you what to look for, and how to successfully navigate your way through the entire buying and selling process.  

There is still such a thing as JOB SECURITY in the New Economy. It's not a new concept... as a matter of fact, it's been around as the most important factor in creating and determining wealth since the dawn of civilization. Real Estate Investing can earn you a comfortable living no matter when or where you are, and it has been my personal favorite way to build wealth for the last 20 years. I am proud to say that the secret to my successes is available to you in a one-on-one, personal coaching program, tailor-fit to meet your individual learning style and the market area you choose to learn in.  

Having a Coach is like having your very own guide —someone to give you clear direction, feedback, hold you accountable, and to encourage your success. The focus is on you and how you will personally become successful.

This is a REAL Business... a PROFITABLE Business, if DONE the Right Way!  

"I collected a cashiers check for $6,500. Thank you for helping me succeed in something that I did not even think was possible 3 months ago!"

- Joshua Peterson

"You guys make real estate investing possible for everyone. I feel like you truly care about my success. A Nice $11,000 check to prove it."

- Samuel Douglas

"I just completed my first lease option deal and walked away with $23,600 in total profit!"

- Bridget Hendrix

"I have closed over 20 deals since working with Chris. His knowledge is priceless!"

- Kenneth Darby

"I just made $134,717.01! Not bragging but just really excited that it was my first flip and did that well."

- Roy Turner

"I just closed our first wholesale/pre-foreclosure deal and made $5,000."

- Kenneth Barney

"We have closed on our first pre-foreclosure deal and made $20,000. Thank you so much for the guidance and knowledge to put the pieces together."

- Denise and Omar Miller

"I really appreciate you helping me out getting started with everything. I will have made $25,000 off my first deal so I am very excited and excited to do more."

- Cameron Nelson

$11,000 on my first deal! Chris, you are the man. Thank you so much for helping me close my first deal. It took some time but it happened and I look forward to the next one.

- Chris Good

Are You Ready? Ready to Break with the Past to Create Something New and Better?

Our programs are designed to be a minimum of 6 months to ensure you get the results you deserve. We are committed to help you choose the best Coaching program for your needs & desired outcomes. For program details, click the download button below!